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Thread: New or old Tundra?

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    Question New or old Tundra?

    Tundra owners:

    I am from Northern Minnesota and currently looking at purchasing a Ski-doo Tundra for back woods riding in search of moose antlers. Can somebody shed a little light on the differences between the old Tundras (pre-2005) and the new rev style Tundras. Since there is a lack of snow in our region this year, a somewhat local area dealer has a few discounted news ones along with a beautiful 1997 Tundra II model. Even though the 97 has no reverse, I think it is worth the $1500. that they are asking for it. I currently own an Elan and a Trail Indy 2-up, but have been searching for 3 years for a used pre-2005 model Tundra. I have heard alot of good things about these machines. I was wondering how the new Tundras been accepted among the people that have depended on them for so long.



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    Default tundra

    I had a tundra as a kid and now as an adult want another one for those warm spring riding days. While I haven't riden a new one, the dealer I know says they just don't put through the snow like the old ones. Used to be able to just cruise around slow as you wanted on those old Tundras and throw them around real easy if you did get stuck. If your local dealer has a nice used 1997 there for $1500 I would pick it up in a heartbeat and save yourself the money for the new one. You will not be dissapointed! If you are I'll buy it from ya cause you can't find one here in good shape! Hope this helps.

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    I have a 2001 Tundra II and it's great on backwoods trails and motoring through the overflow on the lake. I pull a toboggan, and put my son (9yrs) behind me, it's loaded, but does great, even at slow speeds on bumpy trails.
    I'd get another anytime. Reverse is essential, in my opinion, it's used every time I'm on the machine.
    I was breaking trail in deep snow with a buddy on a 20" WT Bearcat, and I'd go anywhere he'd go in the deep snow.
    I'd like to hear from someone who's running the new Tundras, they just don't 'look' like they'd float in the snow, but a friend with the Freestyle says with the weight aft, as they're designed, they do just fine, and lots more power than the 280cc Tundra, he says.

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    I've got a new 2007 Tundra. It has the same engine as the old Tundra, with a few minor upgrades. I don't know how it will do in deep snow because I haven't found any deep snow. Weight is the same as the old Tundra. My biggest complaint is that there is not enough room to put my feet far enough forward, my knees are bent too much. Overall I am real happy with it but it is not perfect, neither were the old Tundras.


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