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Thread: Where is the headlight fuse on 2006 600 Summit SDI?

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    Default Where is the headlight fuse on 2006 600 Summit SDI?

    I have a 2006 Ski Doo Summit 600 SDI. This weekend I noticed that neither the headlights or the grips/thumb warmers were working. I checked the fuses and they all looked fine. The manual says there's a seperate headlight and accesories fuse under the engine cover on the left hand side, but not on SDI models. As close as I can tell there's a "charging system fuse" right above the battery on the right hand size, and all the rest are under the hood. Anyone have a similar experience? Any suggestions on what to check next? Are the grips and headlight tied together in any way or is it just coincidence that they went out at the same time?

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    You are going to need to get a meter and get to checking things.....if the fuses are good then need to look at the relays and these things are notorious for going bad. Most likely a standard relay you can pickup at local parts store vs the high dollar Doo one. Both will most likely be th e same Bosch relay.

    If you are close to Chugiak and need a hand and a meter PM me.

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    Replace the relay marked R2. You used to get them pretty cheap at Napa, till they wised up. AR201 about $25 BTW if you don't have electric start the R3 relay is a spare....

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    Thanks guys, I wasn't able to get back to my sled until today, and when I did I popped in a new relay in the R2 slot and everything came back to life. You guys saved me a lot of time with a multi-meter and a ton of frustration. Thanks for responding to my original post and giving me some good advice.


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