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    I have a Magellan 2000XL, and have noticed a problem both last weekend, and today. When trying to get a "goto" reading on a waypoint about 1/4 mile away, I noticed the distance reading wandering all over the place, like +/- 300 feet. I just can't get a good, solid, stable reading, even though the unit was locked on to 4-5 satellites. This same GPS used to be good +/- 50 feet, now it's almost useless. This drifting was common several years ago when the government had the "selective availability" turned on, but I understand this has been off for some years now. Did they turn that @^%$#^ stinking function back on? I put new batteries in, but this did not fix the problem. Any ideas?


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    Marshall, I"ve got the same model try moving to see if it locks correctly on the distance , when you move. Mine seems to work well if , I re initalize it With out clearing all the stored data, might try that. My son has a Garmin etrex and we used them side by side his has WASS enablement, his locks faster, but I"ve been told that the older types have better antena and lock on and, hold the sats. better, thats why they weigh more? I also have been told that you need at least three sats. for any kind of fix , four or more for elevation ect. It might be the signal strength mine works well when they show black and, are up at 8, or 9. Bill.
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