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This past weekend we had Highs reaching up to 5 F, Lows were between -5-8 F.

Snow Depth At Landing Parking Lot:

We received about 5" this past Friday night. Add that to the base in the parking lot and we are now around 9" compacted in the parking lot.

Trail Conditions:

We had about two dozen people run out of the Landing this past weekend. Some people used the middle trail at Rolly Creek to bypass most of the Big Su as they made their way out to their cabins on the Deshka. Other people ran right out of the launch and broke trail on the right side of the river heading down to get around a very large open lead where the landslide fell in last year (about a quarter mile down from the launch). There is a large amount of overflow beginning in this area. As riders approach the normal open lead (where the western braid of the Susitna joins the eastern braid) riders are cutting over to the right (west) to avoid the lead. They are cutting over fairly high right now, but by next weekend I am sure some riders will come down closer to the lead and then cut over. The trail last year followed the cut bank in this area, but trail may not be able to follow the cut bank this year due to the amount of ice jumbles. The snow has covered up the ice, but you won't forget about the ice just yet. If you throttle down you will hit ice fast which will lessen your control of the snowmachine. Duane S. made it 13 miles up the Deshka and states it is nice and flat. Some others ran down to Alexander Creek and up the Yentna. They reported that there are a few open leads, but enough space to avoid it and go around it. Kroto Slough is now frozen over. There are no trail markers in yet, so following other people's trails may not be the best idea because they may not have gone the best way. Trail markers will go in after some more people have been out and we get some more snow. Riders should continue to use extreme caution and not carry too much weight at this time. There are a few spots where riders may hit some overflow and it is important to power through these areas with enough speed otherwise you may get stuck.

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