Heard this one a few years ago, and recently told it, had to share it with you all! its called: THE HOT MEAL,
Somewhere in the wilderness of the brooks range of Alaska, 2 hunters began a 7 day flyout float trip for caribou. The 2 hunters had never been to the wilderness of Alasaka, let alone the remote and steep terain of the brooks, they had only formaly had some whitetail deer hunting under thier belts and were ready to take on the world. As they departed from thier take off piont, it never occured to them to check the gear, or ask if they had everything that would be needed. They were dropped and began the assembly of the raft, a task they had never under went before, after only a short period the gear was loaded and off they went with a very poorly assembled and laoded raft, with no insight on were they were heading, or how they would get there. Needless to say after only a few hours of floating they ran into problems, one which with they were meet utter disaster. Inexcperianced and fool hearty, they found themselves stranded on the banks of a rushing water way with no raft or gear at all, only the wet clothes on their back, what was in their pockets and damped spirts.
After pulling themselves together, and making a dection on how to get home, they decided that since it was only a short fight in, that if they walked east they would soon find some sort of civilization, (well as most of us know thats spells dome), with no gear, and already a lack of nurishment, they set of in a direction eastward. Across wide valleys and up tall passes, over creeks and small rivers, rock slides and shale slides and much more, yet the 2 ventured on. Now after several days and nights of almost endless hikeing and no sleep, they tried to stay in good spirts, with talk of meals that would come when they got out of there with their lives. There were talks of fastfood, home cooked meals and favorite dinning places that will be visited, warm beds, hot showers and room service. Looking for food as they went, but never finding anything they began to starve, one said to the other, " I would eat almost anything if you could eat it, i dont know how much further i can go". After a few more hours of dragging their weak bodys up to the next rise they came across a winter killed sheep that had been partialy frozen in a now melted slide. The 2 men, stop looked at one another and knew what must be done. The first man walked up a knelt before the remains and began to stuff his face with the roting, maggot infested meat, slurping up the slushy, cunchy iced sheep meat. Now the 2 guy just walked up and whatched from only a arms reach away, as his companion ate a meal of roten sheep. after a minute of filling his gut, the other guy looked up at his friend, whom only sat and watched him eat,and asked," arent you goning to eat?". He shook his head and told his friend," no?, im gana wait for a hot meal." So he continued to eat as he held his breath the best he could, then it happend, he stood up turned and knelt to one side and gaged by the stench and overwhelming bad taste, he hurled. The 2 guy jumped at the his chance and knelt at the vomited meat, he looked at his buddy and said, "aw thanks a hot meal!!!", and began to eat.