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Thread: lost some weight on my guide tent

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    Default lost some weight on my guide tent

    Well i bought the xwt outfitter from cabela's, it came with 44 steel stakes and 20ish ropes and tensioners. I swapped the ropes and tensioners with some 5/32" nylon rope, and made a prussik for each guy line for a tensioner. I think i will try aluminum gutter spikes for stakes. My scale says I just lost 14lbs.

    Anyone try this? are the spikes gonna make it? I love the tent, but 45lbs is killing me, 30 still sux, but I think it is woth a few extra lbs for comfort.

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    if you've got enough brush to tie those tie downs out, make stakes, geez. i used the ten man in PWS on a brownie hunt and we only tied down maybe have the tie downs, but that tent was one heavy bugger. i think the big one is like 70lbs or something. you have the one that looks just like the bombshelter?
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    Default XWT Tent

    I have the large, 12 x 12 XWT. I went with plastic and nylon stakes which worked great. I am unfamiliar with a "prussik". What is it and how do you make one? Any weight reduction on this heavy hombre is welcome. The tent is great and provides enough for three large hunters and gear.

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    Those are some great ideas! I bought the cabelas xwt 10 x 10 version this winter after my bomb shelter blew down in a storm on the Peninsula last September. Though this tent has a similar hub design as the Eureka, it seems sturdier. I think using prusik knots might work, but where I was hunting, you would need all of the long metal spikes and more. Volcanic sand and no trees to block the wind are a real test for any anchoring system, I think. The bomb shelter not only blew down, the poles bent out of the hub, making them unfixable in the field.

    The biggest drawback with this setup is that it will cost me half the price of the tent to send it to Alaska and back from my home in Indiana this year.

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    BRWNBR, yup it's the one like a bombshelter, it is built like a brick schmidt house!

    anthony, a prussik is a short loop of rope, mine are 16" long, tied in a loop, and simply spun around the rope a few times and pulled tight like a half hitch. I have climbed plenty of ropes with gear on the knot and can vouch for its strength and simplicity.

    I am keeping the steel stakes for camping in the rocks, although I think the gutter nails might do.....time will tell.

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    Open this link and click the watch the video. It shows a guy standing/hanging on the frame of the tent!


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