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Thread: You can get there from here!!! River Report!!!

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    Thumbs up You can get there from here!!! River Report!!!

    Anybody wanting to run the Big Su. and the Yentna.
    I was out there today!!
    A few souls have brave the rivers and are getting there from here!!!
    In Willow they are water skipping out of the Deshka landing and it will be getting alot better later in the week as the channel between Deshka Landing and Corral Hill freezes up!
    Getting to the river down Corral Hill is just fine. Also Rolly Creek bypass is being used to get right over to Deshka River. Also out of Big Lake the Fish Creek trail is now beiing used.
    Also talked to Dave up at Luces and he said they are all useing the main river down from Corral Hill not Kroto Slough.
    So watch out it is a llttle slick out on the river. But other than that it is time to hit the freeway out of town!!!
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    Just got back from the cabin!!! The big su is in great shape other than there is very little snow. Leaving from the landing is ok but there is open water and a few wet spots but not to bad. the trail is routed above the large open lead where you meet the main river. Bumby and icy untill you get down the su a bit. The yentna is in relly good shape and it froze very flat. Above Luce's the snow gets deep quickly. My place is not far past Yentna station and there was 3 feet or better. No base to the snow as of yet but it was pretty cold this morning. Should firm up soon. Be safe and have fun. See you on the river.


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