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Thread: Which Loads for 454?

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    Default Which Loads for 454?

    I'm not into hunting bears (not opposed to those who do...I just don't want one myself), but pack a 454 Casull as a "just in case" backup. There are both blacks and browns in the area I frequently camp in. What loads would you recommend I use for this purpose? (either factory or handloaded) Would a hard-cast 370gr be any better than the 300gr Nosler Partition HG?


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    I personally would go with the Cast. Corbon makes an excellent round. If you want to hand load, Cast Performance is where Corbon gets their lead from. Good stuff! Check out for some nice reading and tests on those rounds.

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    I agree with Gshepherd, go with hard cast lead bullets. In my opinion, Beartooth Bullets in Idaho offers some of the best hard cast, gas checked bullets available. Check out the web-site:

    The owner's name is Marshall Stanton and if you give him a call, he will be happy to make load recommendations. He is very knowledgable and while you are looking at the site make sure to check out his "Tech Notes", there is a lot of good info in the notes.

    I've got a very good load worked up for my Casull using Lil Gun powder. If you are interested in it, let me know.
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    If you've got a choice and as always, you can get the bullet to shoot well, cast bullets are always better. Partitions are good, but they do shed some weight when they hit the hard stuff. Get a cast with a medium to small frontal area and you smack him when hit, you'll out penetrate the other bullets, and what many don't know is that a flat nose cast bullet will create a lot of damage inside too! Testing has shown the wave of destruction generated off that flat nose makes for a lot of damaged tissue. With all that said, you're talking about bear defense, and in the moment of truth (which rarely has to come for a smart hunter), you need a bullet that will break bones and keep on truckin.


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