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    I am new to trapping. I have been looking on youtube on how to make trap holes... all that they give me down south holes... no snow or anything like that... so how do I go about making them up here... sameway but just in the snow or under a big pine tree where a lot of snow doesn't cover the ground as well.. thanks in advance.


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    Do you mean like a dirt hole set? Where the trap is bedded out in front of the hole and the hole has bait/lure added to it?

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    yep... that is what I meant

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    you can pretty much make them just like a dirt hole only in snow the biggest part is getting the trap bedded solid in snow without having it freeze a lot of this can be eliminated but placing wax paper under and over the trap prior to covering. Make sure to crumple it up then spread it back out this helps with two things sound and holding the snow a bit better to avoid it sliding off creating a thicker pile of snow on the jaws
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