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Thread: What do you use tree stand or ground blind or what

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    Default What do you use tree stand or ground blind or what

    what do you used at your bait sit. A tree stand or ground blind or nautral feature.

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    Treestands previously, but am going to use ground blind next year, got a primos blind i'm goin to try out.

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    All of the above. It depends on the location. Now, I mostly prefer ground blinds because they are portable, they work almost everywhere, and they are fast and easy to set up and take down when baiting time is limited. Plus, they have enough room for a couple guys to sit comfortably. I also like the flexibility of moving a site if I stumble into a better area.

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    I set up a very lightweight treestand about 12' up in a tree last spring. I did this mainly to avoid any encounters with brown bears that may have been in the area. After spending some time viewing pictures and hiking the area, I found zero brownie sign.
    I eventully pulled my stand out and brought it home that way it would minimize packing everything out all at once at the end of the season. I ended up hiding behind a log and pulled the trigger on my bear from this location.
    The natural obstruction worked fine, however, I found the treestand very beneficial in being able to see what is coming in and when. I had bears coming in from different directions and it could have turned out differently if one had approached from behind me. I will use my tree stand again next spring mainly so I can get a better view. Sometimes they sneak in and sometimes they break branches coming in.

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    I use a tree stand because I take my son with me and he is only ten so its safer. Wouldnt mind trying it from a ground blind sounds like that would be at lot of fun.

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    tree stand. I like to sleep in them 15 in and im dead alseep. get place to rest.. can't wait for this season.

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    Treestand with both a shooting rail and camo curtain: Fredom to movfe and stretch without being seen, safety by not being on the ground giving you time to assess the situation, improved visibility by being up as opposed to ground level, secure cause I have a shooting rail and harness in case I doze off, and I have plenty of room to hang my pack, cover spray, gun/bow, etc. well out of sight. Like Mike, and I'm sure Skybust, season can't come fast enough.
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    Default! n couple great vids with ground blinds in them.... sure makes it fun!
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