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Thread: New ADFG Leadership Positions Filled - Press Release

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    Default New ADFG Leadership Positions Filled - Press Release

    Press release below, have to say I'm real surprised by this, not by the actual names or anything, but that Cora Campbell and Gov. Parnell have chosen to fill these slots now before the joint boards even send a list of names for Commissioner to the governor, which may or may not include Cora's name. Just would have thought that whomever is the next Commissioner would have wanted to pick these slots.

    Campbell Announces Key Leadership Appointments

    (Juneau) - Cora Campbell, Acting Commissioner for the Alaska Department
    of Fish and Game (ADF&G) announced her primary leadership team
    appointments today. Craig Fleener is appointed Deputy Commissioner and
    Kelly Hepler is appointed Assistant Commissioner.

    "Craig and Kelly have outstanding credentials. I appreciate Craig's
    diverse professional and public service background and welcome Kelly's
    long service and proven leadership from within the department," said
    Campbell. "They bring a good balance of experience, knowledge, and
    education to the commissioner's office. I look forward to working with
    these seasoned fish and game employees in carrying out the department's

    Craig Fleener began working for ADF&G in 2008 as Director of the
    Division of Subsistence. His professional experience includes work with
    the Council of Athabascan Tribal Governments in the capacity of Director
    of Natural Resources, regional biologist, and Chief Administrative
    Officer managing health care, education, and natural resources. Fleener
    has served on various boards and councils including the Board of Game,
    director and chair of Gwich'in Council International, and co-chair of
    the Yukon River Panel as part of his Division of Subsistence director
    duties. In addition, he has served more than 24 years in the military
    including four years with the U.S. Marine Corp and 20 years in the
    Alaska National Guard. Fleener holds a B.S. in Natural Resources
    Management from the University of Alaska.

    Kelly Hepler's career with the department is long and distinguished. He
    began working at ADF&G in 1979 as a fisheries biologist and has held
    increasingly complex positions throughout his career. Kelly served as
    director of the Division of Sport Fish and most recently as a special
    assistant for the previous commissioner. He represents the department in
    numerous national forums and is presently chair of the National Fish
    Habitat Board. Kelly is a seasoned budget manager and has strong team
    and administrative skills that enable him to be a sound policy advisor.
    Kelly holds a B.S. in Fish and Wildlife Management from Montana State

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    They are both Doer's, it was entirely expected thing would happen quickly. Things are finally getting done. They have my full support and have told them so. I encourage everyone that wants improvement, to get active and support them. It's been stagnant for too long, but change is finally coming to pass. A Breath Of Fresh Air.
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    A wise man once told me, actually he told me this AM, that we will possibly have a commish with training wheels. Fresh air does not only mean in a good way. Look at out last Governor and you will see where I am going with this. (Head shaking as I type)(not up and down either, side to side) I like the support somebody told Cora to install but who is really running the show?
    Looks like the Governor is attempting to bypass the process. Why doesn't that suprise me? Just like his two legislative picks for his cabinet just before last election. People are sheep. I wrote the Governor and told him so. I guess I won't be invited to any Post election ball, anytime soon.
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    The Commissioner works for the Gov. Doesn't matter who the commish is and if the appointments are done now, or later. These are the names the Gov wanted. Probably did some discussing with other folks in the Dept. My guess is these guys will stay after the permanent commish is in place.
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    I dunno, Mike, but usually the Commish likes to have some input on leadership staffing. I sent a note of congrats to Craig, look fwd working with him.

    Gonna be very interesting to see if Cora's name is on the list BOF and BOG come up with. I can imagine the political pressure already put on those folks!

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    I'm not real sure how it helps to show support for Underlings and Bash those at the Top. Will have to see how this plays out and whether or not it furthers their agenda, as things proceed.
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