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Thread: Marlin 1895 Eject Problem

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    Default Marlin 1895 Eject Problem

    I picked up a new Marlin 1895 a few weeks ago, and it will not eject a live cartridge. The length of the cartridge is within limits according to the manual. Is there a simple fix for this? It will be a hassle to ship it back to the factory for a warranty repair.


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    I think Wild West Guns is a Marlin authorized repair center, though not absolutely certain. It is an easy fix, taking it partially apart. You couldn't send it to marlin with a live round in it anyways. The shipper might frown on that.

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    hi, if your rifle will extract ( but won't eject ) open the action about 1/3. unscrew the lever screw, remove the lever from the bottom, then by hand pull the bolt and cartridge from the rear of the action. your ejector fits in the slot on the inside left of your action, the pin into the hole. you can't make a mistake. it is an easy fit.

    i have never broken an ejector...wild west guns will sell you a handfull for a few bucks. they also make a "bearproof" ejector for about fifteen dollars. all their products are top shelf.

    this is one of my rifles....wild west parts and all
    happy trails.


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