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Thread: hunting bunnies in the fairbanks management area

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    Default hunting bunnies in the fairbanks management area

    can anybody tell me if i can hunt bunnies in the fairbanks management area with a .22, or tell we where to find the info

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    Not likely that a .22 is legal . I think achery and shotgun are but I am not an authority ; this is the authority . What you need to know is listed here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mccrimmon View Post
    can anybody tell me if i can hunt bunnies in the Fairbanks management area with a .22, or tell we where to find the info
    yup sure can... you just have to be out of city limits...

    The FMA restrictions are Moose may not be hunted with out a bow...

    you will have to keep all local ordnances in mind when discharging a fire arm... but theres lots of places out on gold stream, the Elliot, Murphy dome, parts of NOPO.. a 22 could safely be used, and often is.. know the area your in well.. keep in mind that though the woods are thick... people don't live to far off.. so practice safty first.

    Title 5 . Fish and Game Chapter 92 . Statewide Provisions Section 530. Management areas

    5 AAC 92.530. Management areas

    The following management areas are subject to special restrictions:


    10) the Fairbanks Management Area:
    (A) this area consists of that portion of Unit 20(B) bounded by a line from the confluence of Rosie Creek and the Tanana River, northerly along Rosie Creek to the middle fork of Rosie Creek through Section 26 to the Parks Highway, then east along the Parks Highway to Alder Creek, then upstream along Alder Creek to its confluence with Emma Creek, then upstream along Emma Creek to its headwaters, then northerly along the hydrographic divide between Goldstream Creek drainages and Cripple Creek drainages to the summit of Ester Dome, then down Sheep Creek to its confluence with Goldstream Creek, then easterly along Goldstream Creek to Sheep Creek Road, then north on Sheep Creek Road to Murphy Dome Road, then west on Murphy Dome Road to Old Murphy Dome Road, then east on Old Murphy Dome Road to the Elliot Highway, then south on the Elliot Highway to Davidson Ditch, then southeasterly along the Davidson Ditch to its confluence with the tributary to Goldstream Creek in Section 29, then downstream along the tributary to its confluence with Goldstream Creek, then in a straight line to First Chance Creek, then up First Chance Creek to the summit of Tungsten Hill, then southerly along Steele Creek to its intersection with the Trans-Alaska Pipeline right-of-way, then southeasterly along the easterly edge of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline right-of-way to the Chena River, then along the north bank of the Chena River to the Moose Creek dike, then southerly along Moose Creek dike to its intersection with the Tanana River, and then westerly along the north bank of the Tanana River to the point of beginning;
    (B) the area is open to moose hunting by bow and arrow only;
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    Great info Vince! I verified the exact same info with ADFG this morning. What he said is exactly right. OUTSIDE city limits the ONLY restriction is when taking moose.

    But definately practice safety first as there are several houses that are set far back in the woods. Mine included. I live outside city limits in north pole and in a heavily wooded area.
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