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Thread: Kodiak Goose?

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    Default Kodiak Goose?

    005.jpg003.jpgMy guys were checked by USFW super cub! The guy checked if guns had plugs and looked at the birds. They had a couple of mallards and some scoters and harliquin. risking life and limb to check duck hunters! Seemed a little extreme to me for a couple of duck hunters.
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    He is the only law enforcement out there with a mandate to check waterfowl hunters. Troopers do their utmost to not check us. The last time I met a trooper in the field he had no interest in checking out my birds or my gun. He wanted to know if anyone was poaching moose or bears, but couldn't be bothered for ducks.

    Were you hunting on federal land?

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    That is what they do...... It also, does not matter the land status.....


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