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Thread: Conibears for Predators?

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    I've been using 330 conibears to trap beavers with good success. I would like to expand into trapping predators i.e. lynx, fox, coyotes, wolves. Is a 330 coni set on a cubby effective or are footholds a better route? Any suggestions for using a conibear for predators are welcome. Also, any advice you can give as to the advantages and disadvantages of conibears vs. footholds for predators is welcome. I would really like to bag a lynx but I'm unsure if it is probable that I could coax a lynx into sticking his head in a 330.

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    I would say quite the contrary. I would believe that you'd have better luck in a cubby set with a 330 for lynx and wolverine rather than the canine species. With canines, I'd stick with footholds and/or snares. They seem rather reluctant to go into cubbies, even with footholds.

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    agreed waldo, snares are a better route to go for the canids.(make sure the bait is least 8feet away from the snare)
    cubbie sets for lynx work great. use a natural enclosure or bucket, throw your bait in and set the coni at the entrence.

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    Coni's for wolverine are fine. You'll likely catch an occasional fox as well in them. Snares and foot holds for everything else.
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