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Thread: Best .375 ?

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    Default Best .375 ?

    We have a bunch of .375's to choose from. There is a .378 Weatherby, .375 Weatherby, 375 Ruger, .375 Dakota and the .375 H&H. If you were going to buy one to use for Alaska hunting which one would you want and why. I am old fashioned. So I will stay with the .375 H&H. That long tapered case feeds wonderfully inspite of the belt that is in fashion to complain about. It's success as a Brown Bear round is a proven fact. My old Winchester Mod. 70 holds 4 in the magazine. How many of those other .375's can do that with out an expensive trip to a good gun smith? If I was smart enough to set up one of the surveys I see posted here I would, maybe someone else can. Is it spring yet?

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    Red face

    .375 h and h. due to the widespread availability of ammo, proven track record and manageable recoil. the .378 wthby will shake loose your dental fillings. not a fan of ruger anything.

    i am with you and would look for a winchester with mauser pre 64 type action in stainless and synthetic. basically a comodity or collectors item these days as a result of the above attributes.

    good hunting.
    Cold Zero
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    Default H&H

    All of the listed are excellent, but as Cold Zero said, ammo availability nearly everywhere. If you go to Kotzebue, you can buy it. If you go to Sitka you can buy it. If you go to Eagle you can find it. Try that with .375 Ultra Mag or Dakota............

    The UM is possibly the best all-around of the bunch, but for the aforementioned reasons, I bought a new .375 H&H a few months ago, and don't regret it one bit.

    I bought it in a left-hand Browning Stainless Stalker, one of the best guns for Alaska weather ever made. Have a couple more and have taken quite a bit of game with them in all types of weather with no issues.

    Load it with 300 grain Nosler Partitions and you have one world-class thumper in your hands.
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    Default .375h&h

    I am one who hates belts on cartridges.(although this cartridge truly needs it) But I cannot deny the .375H&H is a true legend. I own 2 Winchester lefthand M70 safari classics in .375 H&H simply because they were my only option in lefty guns from Winchester. If not for the really crappy chamber and bores I wouldnt be having them rebarelled to other calibers.You can fireform .375 Weatherby by shooting .375 H&H ammo in the chamber of the .375 Weatherby. I am not sure how well it would feed or group(and you would lose about 150fps) but using the H&H as well as Weatherby ammo would be a plus if it feed and grouped well.

    I think anyone who reads "Safari" by peter hathaway capstick will be a .375 H&H fan. And know this is the best choice.I would chose the H&H.


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    Default 375

    Hi all,

    After reading countless books, hundreds of posts,blogs, and everything electronic, Asking folks, calling......You get the idea....All recommeded the H&H. I spent almost a year in research (insert off air comment on me having no life). I bought a 700 XCR last fall. I am not disappointed in anyway. I shot a whitetail this fall with 235 grain softpoint at a bit of distance, it hit exactly where I aimed, 2 inches below the head right on the backbone. Craig Boddington, yes some folks don't like him, but his comments on the best all around round being the 375....I love my 06' but I can see what means in the 375.


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    Default .375 H&h

    I believe that it was the late Bob Brister who said that it "killed all out proportion" to its size. Have a barrel for my Encore it is one of the most accurate guns I own

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    Default Make mine a 376 Steyr!

    I am not old fashioned so I shoot a 376 Steyr. It is a .375 without a belt and won't loosen my fillings when I fire it.

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    I'm having a Sako that's chambered in .375 H&H rechambered to .375 Weatherby. Hal Waugh had one, (Big Nan) and I think it would be neat to have the same cartridge as Hal while out bear hunting.... You know for naustalgia's sake!

    Other than that I think the .375 H&H would suffice for any bear that I've ever encountered! The .378 Wtby is just ridiculous... IMHO!

    - Clint

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    .375 Whelen AI to be different.

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    I have a couple of WBY 375's and really like them, esp the ole' pre 64 which will still put 270 gr. Hawk's into moa at 2800 fps 'til it's boring. It seems to me they will do everything the H&H will do except about 150 fps faster. It is kind of a pain in the butt to fire form brass...but it goes with the territory.


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