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Thread: Filming a hunt! What kind of camera?

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    Default Filming a hunt! What kind of camera?

    Going on a grizz Bear hunt on Kodiak in April. I am not the hunter, although I am the "mule" and video guy. We were wondering if there might be a certain camera you all might reccommend. We are not professionals (by far) but, we do look at it a once in a life time opportunity.

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    I'd use a go pro or a flip. Both have cases that are water and weather proof. Not a huge diff in price. Go Pro comes with a ton of mounts and stuff though too.

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    Really depends on what it is you want to accomplish. If its simply to record the adventure there's many small inexpensive high def camcorders to choose from. A nice simply small compact handheld I recently purchased to have handy is the Sony HDR-CX150. Buy a spare battery and memory card. About $500 at the time.
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    Yep - depends on what you're after. I had good luck with Sanyo's Xacti ( on two trips - in fact they were inexpensive and we had two on one trip. The small compact handhelds, mentioned by tdelarm (who does this for a living) seem to me like they offer good value for your purpose - very good resolution, reasonable cost and light weight/minimal bulk. Batteries and media are so compact now that carrying spares is both easy and worthwhile.

    The Achilles heel for the small inexpensive cameras might be limited resolution on long shots, or poor resolution in low-light situations. From my experiences with the Xacti in 2009, 2010, if you expect good resolution on caribou in the shade 2 miles away, then plan to spend more. Otherwise, for those game/people shots up to 100-200 yds or longer scenery/action type shots, the new cameras, even small, inexpensive camcorders are pretty dang good now. One piece of gear I'd consider adding for future trips (camp scenes, fishing scenes, etc): remote microphone.

    Here's a good thread on same subject. -

    Good luck.


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