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Thread: Going Traditional with bunnies... Waaay Traditional.

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    Default Going Traditional with bunnies... Waaay Traditional.

    So I'm taking a Bola With me... Any ideas or feedback?

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    How effective is a bola in heavy cover?

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    Bolas, ah yes. I made one several years back using lead sinkers, 5oz if I remember, and siene twine. Getting the hang of the thing takes a lot more time than I was expecting. practice practice practice. You'll find that bolas are generally used for birds and in south america for long legged mammals on the open plains. The first thing it hits (i.e. brush) it will wrap around. According to a write up on actual ones used in alaska (on display at the Alaska museum in Anc) many natives used them for waterfowl on foggy days, when ducks would fly low and close to shore, then release it more like a baseball style pitch than a twirl. Ok, enough words for now. Build one, practice with it, let us know what ya think. good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frostbitten View Post
    How effective is a bola in heavy cover?
    I would bet not very... For truly traditional I would think that setting up some old school figure 4 dead fall snares and such would be where it is at.


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