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Thread: Where to get a beginner Dog Sled

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    Default Where to get a beginner Dog Sled

    I wanted to know if anyone knows where someone can find a beginner recreation Dog sled. I have a Malamute and want to get him out just for fun this winter. I dont want to spend a lot of money and im ok with getting a used one. I live in Birchwood outside of Anchorage. Any help would be great.

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    You could get some skis and start out with skijoring. (I copied this fom wikipidia)
    The skijoring belt worn by the skier is a wide waistband which is clipped around the skierís waist, and which may include leg loops to keep it in position. Rock Climbing harnesses are also commonly used as skijoring belts.
    The sled dog harness can be any of the several types of dog harness commonly used for Dogsled Racing
    The skijoring line is usually at least 1.5 metres (8 feet) long. A longer line is used for a three-dog team. A section of bungee cord is often incorporated into the line to absorb the impact of the dog's forward motion or a quick stop by the skier. Special quick-release hitches or hooks are available, used so that the skijorer may unhook the dog's lead rapidly.
    Techniques and training
    The skier uses either a classic diagonal stride cross-country technique, or the faster skate skiing technique. In races, the skate-skiing technique is almost exclusively used. The skis are hot waxed from tip to tail, to avoid slowing the dog team down. Classic skis with grip wax are not used for races but are occasionally used for extended back-country travel.
    Skijoring dogs are taught the classic dog sledding commands to start running (hike), turn (gee and haw), to stop (whoa) and to pass distractions (on by). Training is best done on foot, before the person straps on their skis, to avoid being pulled into objects, like trees or half-frozen creeks.
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    You'll need a small sled if you only have one dog! Try and craigslist.
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    Thanks i was really looking for it and this website was really helpful for me.

    shoulder injuries in dogs


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