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    At what speeds do we need the premium bullets (higher priced) bullets in non magnum calibers. speciffically the 30 cal 300 savage, 308, 30/30 etc.

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    In the rounds you list, I'd only consider a "mild" premium like the Nosler Partition in the 300 and the 308, and only with bullets lighter than 150 in the 300 and lighter than 180 in the 308. Decent cup and core bullets perform just fine for my tastes with MV's less than about 2700 fps. The down side of really "tough" premiums like Barnes, they start having expansion problems at lower velocities, whether due to slow MVs, long ranges or both. For that matter, if I was planning to push the 300 or 308 toward longer ranges, I'd even forego the Partitions.

    In both the 300 and the 308 I went to NP's back in the 1970's because we were doing a whole lot of close range, fast shooting at deer and cup and cores causes a lot of meat damage even when they held together. It was more a case of freezer shelves than lost game.

    BTW-I don't worry about "over expansion" or whatever you call it with NP's till MVs pass 3200 fps and the ranges get short. You're not going to hit that velocity with any round on your list.

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    Like BB says, IMO.

    Over 2700 fps, you might start thinking about a premium bullet,

    BUT it also depends on how heavy for caliber the bullet too.

    I've decided to use only heavy for caliber bullets for hunting.

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    I look at another angle too. I love the accuracy of my .308 and really like to hunt with it. That rifle is target ready to 800 yards on paper or steel but I would never shoot an animal at that distance with that caliber.

    I run the ballistic table out to see where my impact velocity drops to 1700fps. I will only shoot out to that range or less in that caliber. For the 308 it's muzzle to 540 yards with 175gr VLD's. A-Frames or Partitions would be about 100 yards less because of their poor BC's.

    A tough premium bullet may not expand at low velocities. Most manufacturers will list minimum speeds on their product. I believe it's their way of telling you what their minimum expansion velocities are. No expansion generally means a pass through. Probably still a kill but it may require some tracking if shot placement was poor.

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    Forget the premium bullets altogether for the 300! I'd hunt anything up to Elk with that 300 Savage using a 150 gr Remington Core Lokt bullet without blinking!

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    You need to think impact velocity not muzzle velocity. Although there is no for sure number, about 2700fps impact velocity is about as much as you want. Heavy for caliber bullets can move it up a little and light for cal will move it down a bit. I like medium to heavy for cal so the rounds you list will work just fine with cup and core bullets as they have done for the last 50/100 years. Some things just don't need fixed. Leave the "premium" bullets for the ubermags that might need them. Although the Nosler partitions are very good bullets for a wide impact velocity range, even those are not needed for the rounds you listed.

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    Thanks, I didn't see the need for the premium bullets, but didn't know the approximate breaking point.


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