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Thread: Icefishing/panfish rods

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    Default Icefishing/panfish rods

    [I]I am moving to Alaska full time soon and am sorting through stuff, and I was wondering if my lightweight panfish rods I used for icefishing here in Minn, have any purpose up there. I do plan on doing alot of icefishing but these rods aren't going to be good for anything other than grayling sized fish, or smaller trout.
    Question is: are grayling fishable through ice? I know tout are but I don't want to bring stuff with that just isn't practical.
    How about my tip ups? Or is most icefishing done with rods?



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    Bring your ice fishing stuff as is. It all works depending on where you go.

    Lots of ponds and lakes along the road system stocked with pan sized trout and juvenile salmon. The tip ups come in handy for pike sets.
    You may wnt to pick up a heavier ice rod if you want to jig for pike or lakers and of course, 5 to 10 pound dollies and rainbows can be had through the ice

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    Dont limit yourself to just 5 to 10 lb dollies and rainbows. There has been a lot of dollies closing in on the 20lb mark rainbows too.

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    Oh yeah... most people find that they leave stuff at home just to find it very useable here in AK. Like guns and stuff, people leave thier .270 wherever they came from and wish they had it once they got up here.

    I fish for big fish all the time. But I also use my little dink rods to catch whitefish and grayling at the same time. Tipups are great, pike, burbot, all the trouts. Bring the things you like to use and you can find a use for them up here.

    I use a lot of soft plastics up here. curlytails, plastic lizards, plastic worms, tube jigs. All sorts of bass lures and such that produce very well for me. TAKE WHAT YOU GOT!! Leave nothign behind haha.


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