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Thread: Winter Trails in Caswell Creek?

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    Default Winter Trails in Caswell Creek?

    Have a cabin in the area, does anyone know of good trails for riding out here? We are near the Kaswitna/Eagle's Nest area. Have access to Kashwitna but not sure what's around there. Would love to access the hills to the east.

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    Willowone did you have any luck getting info for Kashwitna? I have been on the trails up Peter's and Purchess creeks and believe that you can connect from Peters Creek over to Kashwitna. Have you tired going up the Kashwitna itself? On the map there is an old trail going all the way up to the end of the valley. Have you tried that one? If you have where does it start? akraven

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    Spent some quality time on the machine this weekend and found the Talkeetna Mail Trail that starts near Eagle's Nest and goes a long ways east and north. The trails open up into some fantastic sledding with unrivaled views of Denali and the Alaska range. Had to turn around after about 30 miles because I was low on fuel. Great area.

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    If you take the Talkeetna Mail Trail (Tank Trail) south then go east before Willow Fishhook you can take Willerkash to Willow Mt. or into the Hatchers system. You can also get over on the the Intertie which lately has too much over growth imo. Or Going north to Sheep creek there used to be some good trails around Sheep & Goose Creek into the hills but I haven't been that way in a while.


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