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Thread: Callers, scent drags?

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    Default Callers, scent drags?

    I use a scent drag on my line with the idea of it acting as an atracter and cover scent. A kind and wise old trapper recomended it. A half rotted fish or salmon oil seem to work. Ever use or consider using the same?
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    I was thinking dead bunny but with soo many bunnies around I do not know if it would help. I ahve been saving salmmon and halibut skins but have not yet used them.

    Anyone with experiance?
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    Not sure how it'd work, but you're not going to hide your scent from a canine as I'm sure you're aware. Out of curiosity they might check it out though. If it worked as a cover scent, crooks would be using it to elude the bloodhounds noses from cops.

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    Definitely can work as an attractor Rick. Also what I do on my marten sets is I carry a half piece of whitefish along (I am using that for bait too) and I rub it hard up and down along the tree the set is on, seems to help along with the other stuff I pour nearby to get them up to the trap.


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