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Thread: Awesome but windy day!

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    Default Awesome but windy day!

    Got the fam out for about and hour to do a lil fishing. had a blast as always, son caught 2 1/2 rainbows and daughter also caught 2 1/2 rainbows. funny thing happened to us today as i was fighting to keep the shany from flying to russia my son said dad i think i got one, i look over and nothings happening with his rod, after packing some more slush around the shanty. i take a look down his hole and see nothing no bait no lure. as i set my sons hook my daughter said dad its moving and i told her to set the hook and she did. now we've got a i think, my wife says its pulling her pole in, and about the time i was going over to help my daughter, my son says there he is. my son has the fish with its head out of the hole and i seem something very strange. the fish had both hooks hooked in the same corner of the mouth. my daughters hook was closer to the corner of the mouth and my sons was right next to it. now ive seen some crazy stuff but to have a fish take both lines i have never seen before. what a memory. thanks for me this is no fish tale. heres a pic of the rainbow that bit off more than he could chew.
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    Yeah, thats funny! I've caught my fishing partner a time or two. That's always good for a laugh, but two lures on the same fish....Priceless! Good job.
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    sweet to see you out with the kids! They will remember days like this! Great post!
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    i cant wait to get out for the first time this year...


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