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Thread: RIP Brad

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    Default RIP Brad

    Brad Brooks, who - next to many other things - single handedly sponsored and installed the first satellite communication for the Yukon Quest trail in the late 1990's, making internet coverage possible for the first time in race history, is well known along the YQ trail and was a crew member of Dogdrop Mile 101 for 12 years. He passed away this morning.
    "Brad, you are leaving an empty space that will be remembered but can never be filled."
    Our condolences to his family. An exceptional man and good friend lost.

    For the crew of Mile 101
    Peter Kamper
    I only got to know Brad last year as we worked at Mile 101 checkpoint for the Yukon Quest together, a few crew meetings, a random meeting in the park while my kids played and he threw a ball in the river for his dog... But I know he had the Quest in his heart and wished his health and phyical status was better. He wanted to do more.

    Tentatively the funeral will be next Saturday at St. Matthews Episcopal Church and the reception will be following at the Mushers Hall. I'll be there if anyone wants to say hi.
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    Sorry to hear the sad news, but thanks for posting. He was a good guy and will be missed by many I am sure.

    I knew Brad from the old day on the Yukon Quest trail when hosting Biederman's cabin down on the Yukon River. That was in the old days when we were all still solely relying on Ham radio for communications.

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