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Thread: Eagle vs. NPS

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    Default Eagle vs. NPS

    Eagle City Council sent a letter of complaint to NPS regarding how the park service is conducting itself there.

    I'm 3/4 or more of my way though the book "A Land Gone Lonesome", and after the very first part of the book it becomes quite critical of NPS methods and actions, naming many specifics. I know there's a few sides to every story, but it seems pretty hard to figure that all the stuff they mention is just made up.

    And, as King noted after he read the book, one of our forum members here is mentioned a number of times in that book. I still chuckle at the story of the member visiting a guy (that had some cabin fever, maybe permanent) where the member had to leave mid sentence because he would never stop talking. So he stops at the top of the first ridge, waving back, and the guy is STILL talking....

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    It's a good read (the book). Eagle has been at war with the NPS for many years, but instead of becoming attuned to the way of life which many of those folks lead in that and other parts of Alaska, the feds just keep sending up new natzis.

    Another legacy of the the second worst president we've ever had.


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