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Thread: lynx size?

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    Was wondering what size is a Tom considered fully mature? Im new to predator calling cats. I got one the other day my first cat ever, that weighs 26 lbs then yesterday my partner got one that is 35 lbs and about 6ft from hind paws to front paws held by the hind legs stretched out. Never measured mine paw to paw but did measure it from base of tail to nose thinking maybe its done like bears and it was 36 inches. Just curious is there a measuring system or weight for kitten to sub adult to mature?

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    geoff, I just posted a link to a detailed study that will tell you all you ever wanted to know about lynx size about 4 hours ago in the other lynx thread. I would encourage ALL to take some time to search the available scientific data that is out there free on the web. It is great that we have this forum and I really enjoy talking animals with everyone but you are doing yourself a disservice if you don't take advantage of these other sources of data. I look at it like this, this site is free and while a great resource the validity of some of the info you will get here is likely commensurate of it's price. YOU have paid for much of the scientific data that is out there through taxes and licensing fees. YOU should take the time to recoup those funds you paid out by taking advantage of those reports that stem from the studies you funded!!

    Here is the link again

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    Default thanks

    Thanks i didnt see you had posted this info b4 I will read it.


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