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Thread: Is snow camo necessary

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    Default Is snow camo necessary

    if using regular camo and using trees and bushes for break up, do you really need to buy snow camo for predators?

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    You don't have to have snow camo, but it will help. Usually the trees have snow on them and regular camo will make you look like a solid dark spot. Get an old white bed-sheet and spray some gray or black lines on it. Then, just cut out a hole for your head and arms. It's about the cheapest snow camo setup you can get and will work too.

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    You need something....predators have great eyesight and will pick up an object and movement,so I put white sweats over my insulated hunting gear. Use a brown marker to add some breakup against trees or if your in the open just leave them white as I do.

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    Default concur

    I agree, white really helps. I've seen it in both H2O fowl hunting and predator calling. It seems like white blends in so much better than non-white camo. To me, it is hard to match up the different types of browns or non winter camo with your surroundings. Seems to be more often than not you are much darker or lighter than your surroundings.
    Try Value Village or the Salvation Army for a Hoodie or butchers coat that will fit over your winter gear. A bit of spray paint helps, but I don't think it is necessary. Think about a white face mask also.
    I do not worry about my legs. I figure if ducks or predators can see them they should be close enough to die. I do try and go w/ quiet clothes. Nylon and such just seems too noisy and one more thing to worry about.

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    I went to the drop zone surplus store in anchorage and picked up a set of snow camo that was all white (U.S. not German) and then took a piece of cardboard and cut branch patterns out of it and used it as a stencil to spray paint on some twigs to make it blend in better. Looks and works great. It was cheep to which is a plus.

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    Ebay is a great place to look for military snow camo. Use that as a search or "overwhites"

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    White disposable painters coveralls are a cheap route as well just buy a big enough size to cover your bulky clothes. 1 set will last about 3 or 4 days of hunting in them before the rip apart. But not a good idea if you plan to hunt a lot then i would just buy some white camo. You can get em for about 3.99 apiece a any hardware store.

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    I think it's probably more necessary in more open country than it is in the woodlands up north.
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    Snow camo? Picked up a pair of Alaska Airlines used coveralls, from auto parts out the black spray paint and stole one of my wifes fancy crochets, just excellent! A little blast here and there and your done...size 54 alows you to wear anything you like under it. And yes..them critters can spot you for a long ways off if you don't blend into the background. Good luck!...Desertdog

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    Snow camo may not be a necessity, but it definitely can't hurt. The more you can do to blend in and not alert a predator to your presence, the more likely you are to be successful. I've had good luck with the German snow camo ponchos that you can find several places online. They're not too expensive and they blend well pretty much anywhere.
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