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Thread: handlebars for a Summit 700?

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    Default handlebars for a Summit 700?

    Kinda new to the snowmachining gig, so forgive me if it sounds stupid. I've had a 2000 Summit 700 for a couple of years and I hate the stock handlbars on it, so I want to put a new set of bars and risers on. Question is can I put any handlebars on I want or do they have to have certain specifications?

    thanks for any help
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    You can put nearly any 7/8" bars and or riser on your sled, they are very universal.

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    Yep, pretty much any 7/8 bar and riser setup will work. You may have to get creative with the brake hose and throttle cable, though. On my '98 Summit X I extended the brake hose with parts from my local auto parts store and used a longer throttle cable off of an MX-Z. The rest of the wiring was able to stretch far enough.
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