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    Hi guys/gals,
    We've got 3 ATV's: A Yamaha Blaster, Yamaha Warrior, and a Honda Recon.
    Where on the Kenai peninsula would be a good place to ride? Are the snowmachine trails that are in the Tustemena area open to ATV's in the summer? I'm talking about leisure riding, not go fast, go nuts type riding; the guys I usually bring with me to AK are older gents, dad, father in law, friends, all in their mid-late 50's.
    Would like to find some great scenery; not looking to go camping or anything, just a leisure day trip.

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    The beach is always fun at low tide, Captain Cook is probably the most interesting. (lots of rock piles to goof around on and look at) Its also got some coves and a few places you could do some mild jumping if you were so inclined.

    Most of the Kenai Peninsula is closed to 4 wheelers year round, be careful where you ride, just because there are wheeler tracks there doesn't mean its legal to ride there. Go to the Soldotna Kenai National Wildlife Refuge office on ski hill road by skyview highschool. They have a pretty good National Geographic map that shows the wildlife refuge boundry (no ATV use allowed) and some of the native lands. IIRC its about 10 dollars.
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    There are a lot of trails around the peninsula. The trails you mention in the kasilof area are open in the summer( as mentioned above, stay off the wildlife refuge, usually marked with signs). These trails are also very muddy most of the time, I have hundreds of hours on these trails, 2 wd. machines don't usually fare too well. bgreen is exactly right, the beach at captain cook park is a good place, I ride there too, only I usually take the pipeline as I like it deep. You could always just follow the trails around where you live, as the kids have trails leading everywhere, and then some.


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