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Thread: has anyone used a blind

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    Default has anyone used a blind

    I am wondering if anyone has ever tried using a snow camo blind for predators? I just dont know if it would be worth packing and setting something like this up. Would the animals notice something is different? What are your thoughts?

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    I've pondered using a simple blind before, but when I think about the time to set up and extra possible noise that it'd make, I scrap the idea. I'm on stand 15 minutes and then on the go, so taking that extra time might equate to a stand or two missed in a day. If you decide to try one out, let me know how it works. I try to use whatever natural cover is around and dig into the snow a bit to keep my legs and part of my torso hidden.

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    This looks cool, fast and quiet, but not for the bucks they are asking. Maybe I'll wait for he cheap chinese knockoff...Just KIDDING.
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    That's an interesting mirror type blind. I wonder how long it would take before it'd crack in -40F weather? Looks like it would work great in warmer temperatures though.

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    I'm gonna use a white sheet which was a suggestion by another member. A little spray paint for break up and a head hole, and you got yourself a traveling blind. You could wear it while walking if you had arm holes. And you could sh** and piss if you had...

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    Those last two are high on my concern list!

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    I think these would be slick if they were in white. Used to use one turkey hunting years ago and they were pretty good.

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    I've used a blind. There are several reasons I don't recommend it; 1.They restrict your view somewhat. You never know which way a critter is coming in from. I like a lot of peripheral vision and a blind restricts it. 2. A blind is just another piece of gear that will act as a human scent sponge. There are quite a few unorthodox measures I take to control scent as I find it important, especially on breezy days. 3. In a stiff breeze it is nice to have the windbreak, however, my Ameristep blind would flap or move a little in the wind. 4. Over the years I've become very streamlined and efficient in getting into my stands. I like to get in and get out with as little setup and time spent as possible. I have found it more productive for me to play the numbers game.....more stands equals more critters called in. A blind is just one more thing to set up, take down, haul through the deep snow, etc. Good luck.

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    You hunt almost identical to how I predator hunt it sounds like. I know other guys stay on stands for 30-45 minutes and it works. I just try to get the stand counts high and go with 15 minute stands. Quietly and quickly sneak into the stand. Set caller out. Put down seat in good location. Position rifle in direction I anticipate the animal. Push the remote and let it run. Owl hoots at the end of my 15 minute sequence and I pack it up and sneak out...that's it. Shoot any predator that comes in.


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