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Thread: Ki-Yi Predator Mouth Call

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    Default Ki-Yi Predator Mouth Call

    I picked up a Primos Ki-Yi, and am heading out north with my savage .22-250 to use it.
    I was wondering if anyone has any experience with these, and any thoughts they might have on them concerning method of use and duration.
    Thanks in advance, I'm new to hunting, so any calling info would be great.

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    The Ki-Yi is my backup just in case the ecaller dies while out calling. It's a good caller that can imitate a bunny in distress or K9 yelps. The Ki-Yi and a good howler was my go to hand calls before I bought my Foxpro Scorpion.

    As for potential problems, don't get too much spit on the reed. It can freeze up if you really slobber into the thing. But that's the way it is with most handcalls.

    Start with a bunny in distress, work 30 second intervals, and then listen for 30 seconds to a minute. If you down a coyote then pull off the tip and work the ki-yi.

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    Thanks Grem, good stuff.
    It's about 7am, and I am headin' out. Anyone else gettin' out this holiday weekend?


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