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Thread: tracks on mini truck or suzuki samurai??

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    Default tracks on mini truck or suzuki samurai??

    Has anyone ever tried this as an alternative to expensive UTV's without cabs or heaters. My usage is for snow season hauling gear into cabin/ice fishing and not as much recreational. I would think summer mud would destroy axle components in a hurry. Search youtube vids and they look decent in snow for light utility purposes.

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    i own a small japanese mini truck, the axles and track kits are fine for mud use(assuming you buy an all season track). They have the abilty to carry about 800 lbs in the bed. Gas mileage is about 30 MPG with tires, less with tracks.

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    The folks we have done it for pretty much use the tracks on snow exclusively. They seem to have done well for that purpose.It is a quick fix to switch back to wheels for summer. Major set back is usually that the tracks cost as much as the truck!


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