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Thread: Spring Brown Bear Hunting Techniques-Kodiak

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    Default Spring Brown Bear Hunting Techniques-Kodiak

    I'm staring at topos and google earth trying to figure out a plan for a spring brown bear tag I was drawn for. I've never been to Kodiak and I have never hunted brown bears. My brother and I are both hikers and have good optics. We just want to make sure we are looking in the right places, as we'll only have the last 6 days of the season to get it done. We'll be hunting in Viekoda Bay, on State and Federal land. We'll have a zodiac w/ motor.

    What type of areas do you commonly find kodiak brown bear in the spring? Is S facing slopes the best place to be looking? Are the mature boars found near the beaches, or do you need to hike inland to find them?

    Any advice would be appreciated. Feel free to PM. Thanks!

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    hello,I guided there a few years ago.find a clear place to glass from,set and glass start high and work your why down looking for tracks in the snow,bears will mostly lay up in the brush durning the heat of the day,keep glassing.looked at 1 ditch a dozen times most of the day,710pm out comes a 9ft8 bear,try not to get your sent allover by walking the country,find a place to glass a big area stay put,you must watch the wind on any stock,most boars will be looking for or fallowing sows,not food,if you must move try to stay in the valley bottoms glass mountian sides as you go,good luck

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    Where are you located?
    Joe (Ak)

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    I'm down in SE AK on Prince of Wales.

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    Long ways from Fairbanks! Probably the best place to start would be viewing the video "Take a Closer Look" available from ADF&G.
    If it would be of any help - would be willing to use "Buzzword" as a format to "talk" about bear hunting on Kodiak. Regardless - good luck with the hunt.
    Joe (Ak)

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    Is that video still available from F&G. I did not see it listed on their website.

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    You can watch it online. I just watched it, and made it through the first 2 quizzes. Very very helpful. Thank you Mr. Want. I'll watch it a few more times before the hunt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wantj43 View Post
    If it would be of any help - would be willing to use "Buzzword" as a format to "talk" about bear hunting on Kodiak. Regardless - good luck with the hunt.
    Joe (Ak)
    I'd love to talk bear hunting on Kodiak with you. Let me figure out "Buzzword" and I'll drop you a PM.

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    I did a TON of research and you will find alot of information on this forum on kodiak hunts if you search for it. Use the search button and spend some serious time doing so.

    I will tell you the 5 most important things to remember on this hunt that allowed me to be successful was 1. Scent already mentioned...stay high, watch the wind as it will pretty much stay the same direction during the spring from the only changed on me twice in ten days and that was a frontal system..and a nasty one at that.2. Find a spot where you can glass for 10-12 hours a day...dont get discouraged...I glassed for a solid 10 hours a day if not more and it paid off. Let the bears move, learn your country, every crook and me..this was awesome..I could look out across the country and spot a deer at 3 miles away in a heartbeat after knowing the and keep your buddy behind glass. Get a good walking stick that allows you to adjust for glassing and stabalizing your binos. We took two spoting scopes..only used one and only when we wanted to really look something over.Use binos...for glassing and not the scope3. Equipment..dont go in with second hand a solid 4 season REI or NorthFace tent..this will save your life in during those spring storms...we endured hurricane force winds in excess of 65mph at 900ft elevation..and was in the tent for over 30 hours...was great to have quality equipment.4. JETBOIL..go buy one if you dont have one...again..lifesaver.5. good rain gear and waterproof jacket,pants, boots., IMO the best there is..saved my feet and are the best for climbing. If the gear says it is me..Kodiak will test it. HH gear is waterproof.
    Temps ran from be prepared for the worst and the best of weather. It can change in 5 mins. If you get a sunny day...stay behind the glass....they will be moving. Although I did get mine during a snowstorm.. I glassed him at 10am and it was sunny and 45. At 1045 a blizzard hit us, I could barely keep the glass on him by following him to his bed. experience showed me that they were up high,south facing slopes and right below the snowline. Find the grass and look there. When they go to sleep during the and take a nap or rotate glassing..but this seemed to be when they slept.12-4. Both of the ones we saw did this(heat of the day)

    We spiked at the snowline and would hike up to the highest point before it got daylight and stayed there all day and glassed. We did have a commanding view from our tent and this allowed us to focus on the bowl system we were in..but we knew we would have to climb and check out he other drainage eventually...this was where my bear was.

    Dont move on the first bear you see...this advice was given to me by numerous guides....learn what he is doing and know how to judge them from a distance..I saw a huge bear on the 3rd day....felt like I needed to move on him..wish I had..but did not.. I will tell you..when he left the valley.. I was disapointed I did not move..but knew there were more in the valley. The scent I would have left going after him on day three would have ruined my hunt for the rest of the week i my eyes. When you do spot him..he will go lay up during the middle of the day..if you see one after 6pmIMO he is up and will move till it gets dark(11pm). If you commit on one...give it 100% and go for it...focus on his direction and always have someone watching him as you move. This idea, and many guides will tell you it is their choice to shoot them in their bed..they are tired and drowsy...If you catch one on the move...the danger increases and you and your buddy better be

    I should have PM'd you on this..but feel there are many out there that can use this information as well. I was a first timer myself and cant wait for this next spring.. I am going again and have already planned this hunt for a different area.. I got the fever and will chase one every year if I can.

    Take care and good luck...PM me if you want..I have a great packing list and will answer any questions you might have..If I dont know..then you wont get any BS from me. There are many others that will help you out..and there are many that wont share...the ones that do give you information...take heed.

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    I spent 14 days on Frazer Lake last April. Send me a private message, you can pick my bring for what it's worth. Have fun gearing up for the hunt!

    See here:

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    Quote Originally Posted by 270ti View Post
    I'd love to talk bear hunting on Kodiak with you. Let me figure out "Buzzword" and I'll drop you a PM.
    Please e-mail me at Opened up a "work space" in buzzword; will email back the link.
    Thank you


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