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Thread: Nelson Island Muskox Hunt

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    Default Nelson Island Muskox Hunt

    I am looking into the winter Muskox hunt out of Nightmute on Nelson Island. Has anyone here taken part in this hunt?

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    I haven't hunted there, but I believe there are a limited number of permits available. If you look at the reg book, you'll see that you have to actually be IN Nightmute on Jan. 21 to get the permit. The hunt season does not open until Feb. 1. Would appear costly to fly to Nightmute once to get the permit, and then again to hunt.
    If you have business in Nightmute during that time, then maybe it would be a workable hunt for you.
    The unit 22 hunts are much more liberal, with services being available in both Nome, and Shishmaref.
    Can't remember anyone posting stories from that hunt on this forum.
    There is a draw hunt for that area. Don't know anything about that.
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