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Thread: Be extra careful after this storm - just went through the ice

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    Default Be extra careful after this storm - just went through the ice

    Was out snowshoeing today, seeing how bad things were, man are we screwed as far as getting trails in again.

    I purposely wore the little Sherpa snowshoes cuz my regular pair of 12 x 60s will let me go over things I end up breaking through with the dogs. The few open leads here have been opening and extending, water under the snow now too in many places, so I thought we may have trouble on some the places we were already crossing. Anyway, didn't break though bad, just shin deep in one place, but it was a place we'd been going over for a few weeks now with no problem, and now...kerplumpf, all just gave way and in I went. I knew it wasn't deep there but that is always a very sickening feeling when the snow and ice give way underneath you!

    This is a real freak event for us, we didn't get the rain here, never got above freezing, but some of it was fine hail, there are layers of ice in the snowpack, and even in places where there is no water under the snow the snow was collapsing like crazy when I walked on it, sounds like distant thunder, and rolls in waves for dozens of yards as it collapses. Just very weird conditions, not looking fwd to try to get all the trails in again, we've had heavy winds last few days with snowfall, so it's really drifted in deep in places too.

    Just be careful out there over the Thanksgiving weekend, anything frozen may be less frozen now and some rivers could come up too.

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    Agreed. I went out yesterday morning to try to check my line out. I was shin deep as soon as I left the bank of the little river I need to cross to get to my line. So now I have to wait til prob sat to go out. It is supposed to hit 22ish tonight. Then slowly drop into the single digits by saturday. I hope thats enough time for me to get out there. I was walking across that spot with no problem. Never broke through more than 2 inches of crust til yesterday. Be careful guys.

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    Stay safe out there Mark! I'm sure you saw where we dodged a bullet with a pair if guys down this way.....

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    Gun and I just got back from checking our little line. Snows gone so anything set for fox is now more appropriate for coyote, lyxn or even wolf. The trail was a mess and very icey in many places. From what I can tell there is no safe ice in the valley any more and all of our local streams are all up.
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