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Thread: Alpine Creek Lodge Snow report 11/24/2010

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    Default Alpine Creek Lodge Snow report 11/24/2010

    Snow, and more snow! We escaped the ice storm but have gained about a foot of new snow. Conditions are very good. We are still able to drive out due to the road being plowed by the DOT for the military recovery. Running the highway at this time if year is at your own risk, of course. The DOT has told us they are to keep the road open until the military is done out there, and they will let us know when that is finished. We are about 2.5 to 3 feet of snow, and it continues to fall. The road is not plowed past us, so if you want to come that way and ride toward Maclaren River Lodge or Paxson, or the hills between, your welcome to park in the driveway. Always call Jennifer at Alpine Creek Lodge for the latest report at 907-743-0565.

    Good Luck! Be Safe and have fun!! We already have more snow then all of last year!

    Claude and Jennifer
    Experience Real Alaska!

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    Thanks Jennifer.

    With the bad weather here and no wrestling practice for 4 days, the coach called and put a dampner on our plans to be your way Friday/Saturday, but not giving up hope to salvage a day this weekend yet.


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