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Thread: Fishing upper Jim creek and lakes

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    Read in a recent issue of Alaska magazine that article on fishing Jim Creek. Pretty interesting stuff. Anyone here take a canoe up that creek? Didn't realize it was deep and slow enough for that. Actually how big is that stream compared to Fish or Cottonwood? Said something about putting in at Jim Lake and paddling over to the outlet (?) of the creek and finding silvers and dollys. Would sure be nice to do something like that to avoid the crowds at the mouth at Knik!

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    I've seen an airboat cruise up there and the whole thing went murky for a long while, but they were not fighting much current.

    My first trip to Jim Creek I hiked down the wrong trail and intersected the creek approximately halfway between the Knik and Jim Lake. It looks/smells like a big wetland, like I said the water is pretty stagnate.


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