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    Default kenai area recommendations

    I have come to alaska for 4of the last five years and spent most of my time in the Fairbanks area with friends and had very good luck fishing the Chena and Gulkana. Spent time in Valdez and had lots of fun helping our friends dipnet in Chitna. QUESTION: We are coming back and will be in the Kenai area for a week in the middle of June. I have two girls under 3 and was wondering about some fishing recommendations? I plan on trying the Russian for reds but worry about the crowds. Normally everyone is friendly but ? I also thought of anchor point? Any smaller streams to take note of? I really appreciate any guidance. See you in June.

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    If you are around on a weekend, check the regs and if still open (depends on the dates) check out some of the streams towards Homer/Anchor Point like Ninichik, Deep Creek, and the Anchor River. Note that these are weekend only king fisheries open from 0001 Sat to 2359 Mon.

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    Default June on the Kenai

    The June sockeye fishery is catching on on the lower and middle Kenai. Look at camping at Swiftwater Park in Soldotna and fishing the bank there. Stay tuned however, because the flooding/ice flow this winter may result in substantial bank fishing closures... The sockeye fishing is not "hot" in June, but with persistence you should find success (these are the Russian River fish).

    Also, there are many freshwater lakes that will offer some great fishing for trout and char. June is a really good time to try for those. Just take a look at Google Earth around the Sterling area and you will find countless lakes where you can fish for trout. Also visit the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge website or Alaska Department of Fish and Game to determine which are good fishing.

    Finally, the Kasilof king fishing should be in full swing at the Crooked Creek confluence (Coho Loop Road in Kasilof), but could also be a bit crowded. Use decent tackle for these guys (average of 18#) or you'll be chasing them up and down the bank. The Kenai kings should also be going pretty good, but you will likely require a guide and/or boat. There is a slot limit imposed during June: you must release any king salmon between 44" and 55". Average weight is around 30-35 pounds. A 44" king will be around 40-45 pounds.

    Hope that helps.

    Good luck.


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