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Thread: hunting kotzebue late Sept

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    Default hunting kotzebue late Sept

    How is caribou hunting late Sept say 28th thru Oct 5th , seems like past couple years mid sept been so warm and bou are not really moving yet. How is the weather this time frame and bou movements. Thanks

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    Weather and Caribou are always wild cards in the Hunting Game, but Rut sets in on the best of 'em at the start of October, and make 'em inedible.

    Alot depends on where you are in unit 23, at any given time, theres ALOT of sq miles of country here. The weather has turned progressivly warmer at that time of year, and Caribou avoid insects by staying on high cool breezy ridges as they make their way south. That time of year its + freezing during the day and below at night, and Fog in the morning is the rule, even for Kotzebue as it sits next to the Sound. This can delay pick ups and drop offs, no matter how nice it is where you are.
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    None of the questions you asked have pat answers. Do some research on weather and bou movement for the last 10 yrs in the area. F&G has gps collars on WACH bou and has quite a bit of past location information by date.
    However, whatever date you pick to hunt has good and bad potential.
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