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Thread: how are the ammo and reloading prices?

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    Default how are the ammo and reloading prices?

    I was looking at an old thread I had started in 2008 ( i was bored). Anyway I was complaining that I couldnt find any dang ammo cause it was being cleared off the shelf at an exponential rate. Due to the election of course.

    I have noticed that most everything is now in ample supply again, but havent checked the prices. I have noticed that AR's are abundant and on sale often.

    So are we back to normal yet?

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    I wouldn't say "normal", but I think we are better off than the last two years for sure. The prices settled in on some things a bit higher and are now the norm like $20.00 a brick for .22LR. If you look you can pick some up here and there in the high teens at least here on the Peninsula and Wal-Mart in ANC. I have seen, to my delight PMC .223 55grFMJ at Three Bears for $7.69 a box which is a heck of alot better than the $11.00 it was going for down here a year and a half ago.
    The reloading components are back but prices are up and I don't see them coming back down anytime soon. Powder has been around the $20.00 a pound mark and primers are up a buck or two per 100.
    I almost threw up when I saw .44mag cheapo American Eagle rounds for $42.00 a box! I have since invested in reloading components and tools and will continue to do so as money permits from here on out. I had guys offering me $30.00 to buy a a little less than a pound of IMR 4064 two years ago so I think a little more in storage isn't a bad idea.
    With base metal prices going up higher and demand increasing I think we are in the good old days right now. I say buy it cheap and stack it deep as the saying goes.
    Living in Alaska has taught me many important lessons and one big one is (get all you can while you can because you never know when you will get the opportunity again.)



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