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    hey anybody know the rules on driving a snowmachine on the pipeline and trapping off of it....i know you have to be off the right of way. rivers aint froze up yet so i cant get out to my line...was thinking about messing around a little bit...but dont know if your aloud to run the pipeline right of way....thanx. also...does anyone know if north of the yukon river you can run a sled in the corridor? what are the rules concerning that? thanx
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    You can run the ROW, just have to get a permit from Alyeska. Just stop by any pump station security check point or in Fairbanks and fill out a form I think.

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    There may be a few spots that are not already trapped, but I can't imagine where that would be. I know the Elliot is hit pretty hard. Where one guys stops another starts.
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    I guess the hard part would be getting the machine way up there on top of the pipe, but I guess once you were up there, go for it... sorry, someone had to say something....

    Check out the other thread responses ( regarding snowmachines within the 5-mile corridor along the haul road. I know you posted that thread as well, but thought I would post the link in case others had a similar question. Looks to be the answer is NO to snowmachines for anything other than transporting people from outside the corridor across to another area outside the corridor. They can not be used inside the corridor for anything, trapping included.

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    It's easy to get the machine up on the pipeline, just find a spot that's buried and then drive up the pipeline. Of course, staying on the pipe is tricky and getting off again can be tough too.


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