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Thread: Crossing the Tanana to go south on snow machines?

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    Default Crossing the Tanana to go south on snow machines?

    I am planning some future hunting outings south of the richardson highway, on the south side of the Tanana River. What time of year does it ususually freeze up enough to cross on a snow machine?

    I am thinking about driving up either the Little Delta River or Delta Creek. Do these freeze up enough by early November? How about Late November?

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    It is more about temp than time of year. But I can tell you right know there are open leads everywhere. Usually takes several days below zero and then the Tanana is tricky even then.

    Good luck and be careful.

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    I would be very careful on any ice right now. Just hasn't gotten cold enough to trust the ice very well. I would be VERY hesitant to try any treks across any ice.

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    Definitely want a good freeze before venturing that water. Especially this year.

    Unless the world goes completely wacko you can bet on first week of December. You won't win the bet all of the time but most times.

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    Default Good advice, please listen

    Rule of thumb for me is I stay off the river ice until we've had a cold spell down in the -20 range for a week, or if warmer, then a longer spell. Even the Chena in front of my house is not solid. I don't think we've even had a -10 degree day yet, and it takes a bunch of them to freeze fast water.
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    Default Not this year!

    I have crossed it a few times in Salcha in Jan and Feb. And those were in colder years. Even when I crossed in Jan I was nervous because of open leads and seemingly warmer temps. I agree with the guy above, wait for a week or more of -20 or colder preferably. This year i dont think im even going to try it.

    Good Luck!

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    AK flyster, I went up the Little Delta two years ago right at Thanksgiving. Then it was a bit early. We made it across and ran into the mule man. Gave some pretty good info on the river and were to cross. Pm if you want exact.


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