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Thread: Crossing the Tanana and going south?

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    Default Crossing the Tanana and going south?

    I am planning some future hunting outings south of the richardson highway, on the south side of the Tanana River. What time of year does it ususually freeze up enough to cross on a snow machine?

    I am thinking about driving up either the Little Delta River or Delta Creek. Do these freeze up enough by early November? How about Late November?

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    Aint going to happen this year. Major open leads all over the Tanana. Just got back running the north side and there is so much open water a boat would be an option to get you across.

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    Maybe around Fairbanks but not till the end of December at least, if it ever gets cold enough.

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    Not unless you sled is the General Lee... Lots of open water still.
    I'm going to ctrl-alt-delete you so hard your mama's computer is going to reboot.


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