As part of my kit upgrade I recently bought a Blacks Creek Canadian pack. I had been researching for some time and then got one on 20% discount; $180. My wants were;

1. Expandable to use for 1 day through 7-day plus hunts.

2. Expandable for packaing out meat/hide etc - a 'meat locker'.

3. Some system for carrying additional rifle (sometimes take both my 1895 and another longer reaching gun).

4. Bow carrying system.

5. Quality harness.

6. Piggyback type fannypack or daysack. I hate transferring the essentials (first aid, survival, gloves/hat etc) out of one small pack and then into another bigger pack. My essential kit goes everywhere with me, the hunting pack not always.

So I looked at Eberlestocks, Blacks Creeks and a whole bunch of others. The new Canadian model met all of my needs and then some. The real clinchers that set it apart from others was the 'meat locker' that just zips and compresses away when not in use and the zip-off daypack that I can use for all the essensials. This is also a great option to just bug-out from a spike camp for a quick stalk.

The pack is stuffed with other features - hydration bladder compatible, waterproof spotting scope pouch, adjustble (for torso length) harness etc, etc.

Not done a huge field test yet, just a 5 hour rabbit hunt! But it was up/through some interesting terrain and I had enough to feed and keep warm/dry my 3 kids and me. Also constantly bending down etc to help my 3 and 4 year olds. I literally did not know the pack was on. The harness system is outstanding and really spreads the weight and keeps everything in place.

It will get a good more testing over the next few months and we'll see how it works out. But initial impression is excellent.