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Thread: Jetboil PCS - Impressed

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    Default Jetboil PCS - Impressed

    Always been a 'no gas' guy, relying on Trangias and my trusty old Coleman Multifuel peak stove.
    Anter seeing a buddy cook-up in an instant with his MSR Reactor I thought I'd update some of my field kit. After researching I decided on the Jetboil PCS - mainly only me and my 9 year-old who I need to cater for on hunts/long hikes.
    Found a deal on Ebay for $69 shipped.
    It arrived quick and got it's first field test last Sunday on a hike/rabbit hunt. Instead of just me and my eldest I had all 3 boys with me and a selection of Mountain House meals.
    The PCS surpassed my expectations; the ability to have all 4 of us easting a hot meal within 6 minutes (4 minutes to boil 4 cups and the 2 minutes stand-time for MH meals) of stopping for lunch was outstanding. Then to be able to brew up the kids some Hot Chocolate in 2 minutes.
    Just a great bit of kit and I am now a convert back to canisters. The PCS is not 'ultralight' in the purist sense, but is pretty compact and light enough for my needs. The convenience of the set-up far outweights the relative weight IMHO. And for $69 a great deal.

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    Yup, one plus from me too.....Had mine for a couple of years now and really like the good design and reliability. The small fuel can will get me 11 full boils, so long as I don't unscrew the can from the valve. Learned to keep the plastic cup over the radiator fins as they (fins) will cool as fast as heat the cup contents.

    Bought my son one last year and just this weekend gave a friend one for a B'day present. Good equipment, but has limitations at extreme altitude.

    For that herd of sons you cited try just buying a second cup and using the one stove for both cups. It'll speed up the food/drink line even further.

    FYI, a Kifaru Liter Plus pouch holds the Jet boil perfectly to size.
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    man i need one of these for the hot totties.
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    I use one to do almost all of my cooking for my three week camping trip every year. I even heat up my MRE's with it instead of using the heating pack. It gets them hotter and faster. You just have to flip them over. You can also use the larger fuel cans from MSR when you are on an extended trip.


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