We want to give everyone a heads up about our new automatic gate system we recently installed.

Most people should be familar with the system if you have used a parking garage that requires payment upon exit. At the entrance lane you will take a ticket and at the exit lane you will insert the ticket to pay via cash or V/MC. The machine is able to give up to $10 in change, but anything over that amount you will receive a credit voucher that you will have redeem during office hours.

For vehicles without trailers to get the Vehicle Only parking rate- The vehicle will have to have their ticket validated during office hours. During the winter the vehicle only parking rate compared to the launch/first day of parking rate is a difference of $2.00, however in the summer the difference is $17.00.

We will use the Winter to fine tune the system. If you have any issues or questions please let us know. We look forward to seeing you out here very soon! A good base of snow has been started in Willow already, but the rivers still need some time to freeze up.