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Thread: wolf trapping and tips?? calling wolves??

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    Default wolf trapping and tips?? calling wolves??

    Just wanted to hear from the veteran trappers how they like to set up for wolves. any prefered trap size or snare cable?? What kind of bait or lure?? there is a pack of seventeen seen around a drainage and I heard some dogs when we were out duck hunting last weekend. Might have to take a little boat ride. Also has anyone had success calling them ??If so what type of calls /sound. I know bushrat catches them wolves. I eagerly await replies. Thanks in advance.

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    Wolf traps are expensive. Alaskan #9's are the trap of choice. The snares I use are 3/32 1x19 wire. Best sets are snaring a natural killed animal. If you bring out bait, I like to leave it so the wolves can work it and then set it. I use the traps in blind sets (trail sets) and urine sets. It is very hard to describe to you how to make the sets. They are intelligent and quite a challenge. Good luck! If you have 17 wolves around, they will give you a chance to catch a few.

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    Like you I'm just now really getting into trapping.

    I found the Alaska Trappers Manual and the Alaska Wolf Trapping Manual to be absolutely invalueable. Didn't realize there was a DVD too......hmmmmm.
    Now what ?


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