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    Default Primos Still Jackrabbit

    Picked this call up from Sportsman warehouse a few weeks ago- been tring to call fox on ft. rich- no success. any other reviews on this call?

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    I am practicing with the KiYi but just in the truck =) Hope I can have some success without shelling out for an e caller. Good luck.

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    I've had the best luck with a Scerey snowshoe hare call, but have had sucess with other rabbit squeal calls also. Generally speaking, a coyote howler is of limited use up here. Opinion runs that yotes that do a lot of "talking", get eaten pretty quickly by the big dogs (wolves). You may get a response from the howler call, but expect the yote to just show up, not respond audibily.
    Are you calling in an area where rabbit tracks & fox tracks are in evidence? There's a lot of area on Ft Rich that doesn't have either preditor or prey - you need to call in an area they are using. Even then, don't expect a response every time you go out. Hunting locally, I might only see a fox every 3-4 trips (a trip consisting of 3-4 set-ups).
    I usually start with a 20-30 second series of mutted, high pitched squeals. Wait 3-5 minutes & do another 30-45 seconds of louder, raspier calls. Wait 5 minutes, repeat # 2. Leave after 30 minutes (from first call). If you can sit longer, you'd be better off - do as I say, not as I do.
    Sucess in calling is more a matter of patience, not the expense or sound of the call you use. On a good day, you could probably get as much response from a dog toy squeeker as a $500 FoxPro.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rising_Creek View Post
    I am practicing with the KiYi but just in the truck =) Hope I can have some success without shelling out for an e caller. Good luck.
    I just bought a KiYi this afternoon and am gonna try it out tomorrow morn. Any thoughts?
    I will post if I have any luck.

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    Jack rabbit is surprisingly a good call up here...............for the coyotes. It'll work on fox too but if ya targeting them ya might want something a little higher pitched. For an off the shelf call you can't go wrong with the Johnny Stewart PC-3 bite style call for its sound versatility, and there might be a few other production calls that will meet the high pitched bill for ya.

    I also carried the Sceery AP5 snowshoe call too and it works, but it sounds nothing like a snowshoe hare. A buddy of mine shot a hare a few years back from his machine and had to shoe-up to go in and get it. While he was strapping on the shoes that thing cried like I had never heard before and no sooner then he had the hare on the machine he was shooting at a coyote that was coming into it, and upon further investigation there was two other coyotes with it. So needless to say I went home and went through all my production calls and custom calls trying to mimick that sound, which I couldn't. Ended up with a custom open reed with an antler tone board from a fellow name Brad Gainey, that nails that sound perfectly.

    Howling also works, and as Gary stated, don't expect a response, they'll just show up. Matter fact Gary has a lot of good information in his post to include the dog toy squeaker, which I always have in my coat pocket. I also am a 30 minute minimum stand guy. With the exception of a few, most for me have been around or after the 30 minute mark. Could be different for someone else? Maybe I just have a 30 minute hand call sound? My last coyote came to howling right at about the 35 minute mark, if I recall correctly.

    Good luck and happy calling,
    I'm Pro-Pike.

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    my absolute favorite mouth caller is the primos cat nip.. it is not real loud but it is great for close areas, and open terrain... i called a wolf in with it last spring... to 15 yards.. the soft bite and horn allows you to pitch it in various tones and cry levels with minimal effort... love it..
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