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    I wanted to start this thread in hope to get a few guys that wanted to teach me in person about the rabbit areas on base. I've been actively reading and trying the methods on this forums: hunting slowly, stopping frequently, looking intently, hunting at sunset, hunting in "high traffic areas," but sadly, after about 7 trips, i still haven't connected...
    It's been a struggle for me, and maybe i just need a good mentor after all. I've read "how to hunt the alaskan hare" on this forum, and many other tips of bunny help, but i just dont get why im not seeing them...

    thank you for your time and wisdom,


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    This is pretty "lame" advice, but my experience over the years in hunting Ft Rich was that the bunnies stay in the thickest, nastiest, most dense cover. I rarely spotted any in any semi-open areas. Our rule of thumb was, if the snow isn't falling off the spruce boughs down the back of your neck as you crawl under the trees, you probably aren't in dense enough cover. Look for tracks/runs in the snow, and it really helps if there are two or three hunters that can line up about 10-15 yards apart and slowly work through the cover in a line. It helps to wear "hunter orange" so you can keep track of each other. There sneaky critters, and when going "solo" they're much harder to spot. With a few of you in a line, you frequently "bump" them back and forth to each other. Safety first! Good luck!

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    thanks for the advice!


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